Repair Estimate on 2000 Dodge Caravan A/C Compressor Replacement – $332 to $460

How much would it cost me to have my air conditioning compressor replaced?  I have a 2000 Dodge Caravan with the 3.0 litre engine and A/C in the back of the van.

Annette W.   Baton Rouge, Louisiana

-Annette we would estimate the repairs to break down like this.

Labor Cost Range - 1.5 Hours  $112.50-$150.00 (depending on shops hourly rate)

Parts Cost Range - A/C Compressor $200.00-$275.00

                                     Serpentine Belt (recommended) $20.00-$35.00   (depending on part quality and manufacturer)

Total Repair Cost Range = $332.50-$460.00

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