The cost of a new car battery – $60 to $175 (installed)

New Car Battery Installation Costs 150x150 The cost of a new car battery   $60 to $175 (installed)

New Car Battery Installation Costs

If your car battery is done you need to get a new battery, there's just no other way to keep driving. There are many batteries and it is important to get a battery that fits your car correctly. The price of the new battery depends on the size you need - group size, CCA or cold cranking amps and the warranty for your battery. The cold cranking amps rating indicated how much power the battery has to start your vehicle.  The bigger your vehicle's engine, the more cold cranking amps your car or truck will need.  For example if you have a V-8 diesel engine in your Ford Super Duty pick-up you will need a much bigger battery with more cold cranking amps than a 4 cylinder from a small Toyota Corolla.

In general the battery prices range from around $45 to $100. Sometimes you can get the battery installed for the price if you buy the new battery from the same place or there may be a fee associated with installation of the battery. Battery and installation can run from around $60 to $175 or more. Shop around if you have a chance as fees vary.

The store or the shop will take your old battery and you may have to pay a fee if you do not drop of the old battery off.  This fee is called a core charge.    The core charge fee will be returned to you once you do drop off the old battery.

Auto part stores and large national retail chains and most local auto repair shops carry most typical car batteries and they will also test the battery for you.

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  1. I thought my alternator might have gone out and we had a triple AAA shop right by work.
    Turns out I just needed a battery though I was shocked it quit charging so quickly as
    it just was weak for t he first time in the AM, I jump started and it would not charge on the way in.

    Usually changing it myself, I decided to let them for convenience, & than felt bad later that
    I went for a $190 70 month carquest battery installation purchase. Would I normally be
    entitled to a discount with my AAA card? Should I have remembered to bring it up before
    getting the work done, if so? What an expensive deal. They probably profited $140 minus tax.

    L Gray, depressed about paying too much...

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