Cost of replacing car brake pads – as low as $35 per axel – DIY

Car Brake Pads 150x150 Cost of replacing car brake pads   as low as $35 per axel   DIY

Car Brake Pads

Brake pads in your vehicle wear out given some time. The rate at which the pads wear depends on many factors: your driving habits, weight of the car, frequency of stops, hills in your driving area, etc. The bottom line is that at some point, before the brake pads are completely worn they need to be replaced. If the pads wear out completely you may need to have the brake rotors replaced too.

Brake pads are located at each wheel. Sometimes only the front wheels pads need to be replace, or need replacing before the back one, sometimes all of them need to be replaced.

Replacement of brake pads can run you anywhere from around $100 to around $300. The cost of the pads vary a bit and front pads may have a different cost than the rear ones.  For example,  the front pads may run you approximately $40 whereas the rear ones are $35. Of course if you can replace the brake pads yourself you will save some money and only pay for the cost of the brake pads and your time.

If you take your car to a mechanic they will give you an estimate or a quote for the job and should include an itemized list of what is included i.e. labor, front brake pads, rotors? etc.

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