What happens when a car gets flooded?

flooded car 150x150 What happens when a car gets flooded?

Flooded Car

Obviously this is not something you see everyday, not even every other day. But occasionally due to Mother Nature's torrential down pours or floods - or other circumstances - your car gets wet. And not just from the outside but also from the inside, it gets flooded. How bad is it? What can be done? Will the car still start? are certainly questions that come instantly into mind.

If you car is flooded try to assess the flood damage. How high did the water get? If the your car was completely or even 2/3 covered with water it is likely that it will be totaled. Electrical components and systems in today's cars are intricate and complex and definitely not friend of water, neither fresh water or salty sea water. Rust and corrosion are problems that can cause problems for long into the future.

Check the following for water and/dampness

* carpets
* inside doors
* inside lights
* engine and transmission - check the dipstick for water droplets - if you see some you have to change oil and filter before attempting to start the car
* fuel tank - especially in older model cars - you may need to siphon the fuel out - if you see water - you need to have the fuel tank cleaned and blow out fuel line, and while you are cleaning the fuel tank you are probably better of changing the fuel filter too.
* seals - especially if there was standing water and it was muddy, the water can penetrate through seals: engine, transmission, crankshaft etc. seals. This may not happen instantly but within a few hours.
* oil - check oil with dipstick - if you see water droplets, replace oil

If you end up in a situation where you car floods, try to dry up what you can as soon as possible as completely as possible. If the water has reached the floorboards or rose above it do not try to start the car as this can make matters worse.  Make an appointment to bring your car to a good mechanic or repair shop and let the professionals assess the vehicle.

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