How to replace your car’s burned-out headlight

old headlight 150x150 How to replace your cars burned out headlight

Old Style Headlight

If you discover a burned out headlight in your car, you don't have to rush the car to a mechanic as fixing a burned-out headlight is fairly easy to replace.

First you will have to find out what kind of headlight your car has. You may need to replace the whole headlight or is some cars what needs to be replaced is the halogen bulb inside the headlight. You can check your owner's manual for the information.

Go to an auto parts store to get the necessary headlight for your car.

Depending if you have to replace the whole headlight or just the bulb the steps vary some.

Replacing a Halogen Bulb (not the whole headlight)

* Open the hood
* Locate wires going into the back of the headlight
* Find and twist a black plastic ring at the back of the light - this releases the bulb
* Take the bulb out by pulling it
* Unplug the bulb
* Take out the new bulb - DO NOT touch the glass part with your hand or fingers (use a tissue when handling the new bulb)
* Plug-in the new bulb
* Put bulb back into headlight.
* Put the black plastic ring back on - twisting it
* Make sure the new headlight works

rectangular headlight 150x150 How to replace your cars burned out headlight

Rectangular Headlight

Replacing the whole headlight

* Open the hood
* Find and unscrew the screws that are on a thin metal frame that hold down the headlight - these screws are small
* DO NOT unscrew screws that have springs - these are adjusting screws, they adjust where the headlights are pointing
* Take the headlight out of its casing
* Unplug the headlight
* Take the new headlight out of it's package
* Plug in the new light
* Test to make sure the new light works by turning the lights on
* If the new headlight is working, put the screws back on and tighten the screws.

Of course if you don't feel comfortable replacing the headlight yourself or don't want to bother with it, you can have the light quickly replaced by a mechanic in your area.

round headlight 150x150 How to replace your cars burned out headlight

Round Headlight

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