How to replace high-beam headlight bulbs for your 2006 Subaru Impreza

SubaruImpreza 150x150 How to replace high beam headlight bulbs for your 2006 Subaru ImprezaFirst thing’s first, you’re going to need an adjustable crescent wrench to perform this maintenance. If you don’t have one, you can pick one up with your new bulb at the local auto parts store. Selecting a replacement bulb is another factor you’ll want to consider. There are a lot of bulbs out there for all makes and models, so to save some time, ask an employee to look up the part for your Impreza on the computer database. If you want to upgrade your bulb, it will cost you, but for the standard bulb, which comes stock on the Impreza, it should be right around $10.00.

Let’s get started! Pop the hood and have a look at the back of your headlight that’s not illuminated. There will be a gray cap that you need to get to in order to access the burnt-out bulb. To save a lot of time, frustration, and bruised knuckles, you’ll want to remove the air intake duct if the right headlight is out. If the left headlight is out, simply disconnect the battery and set it on the ground. This one step, depending on which side you’re working on, will give you enough space to work with.

Now that you’ve freed up a little room to get your hands behind the headlight, take off the outer cover cap by turning it counterclockwise and set it aside. Now you can see the guts of the headlight. Find where the electrical connector plugs into the bulb and disconnect it. This may be in there pretty tight, so don’t be afraid to use a little force or do a little wiggling.

Next, locate the retainer spring, which is a metal prong that has two tabs on the end. Pinch the tabs at the top of the spring until it is freed from the plastic housing of the bulb. Don’t worry about losing the spring, because it is attached to the bottom of the housing on a hinge, so it’s not going anywhere if you let go.

Now you can replace the bulb with the new one you just purchased from the local auto-parts store. Pull the old bulb out by giving it a half turn, and throw it away. Put the new bulb in by lining up the tabs on the bulb with the grooves in the housing and giving it a half turn to lock it in place.

That’s it! Now just follow these steps in the exact reverse order by re-securing the retainer spring, re-connecting the electrical connector plug, put the outer cover cap back on, giving it a clockwise turn to secure it, and don’t forget to re-connect your battery or re-install your air intake duct.

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