How to remove a stripped screw from your car

Using a drill to remove stripped screw 150x150 How to remove a stripped screw from your car

Using A Drill to remove a Stripped Screw

You have been working on your car and managed to strip a screw in the process. You can't ignore it, or leave it there, you will need to take care of the messed up screw. Here is how to remove the stripped screw.

You will need a drill with a steel drill bit. The drill bit doesn't have to be any bigger than it takes to drill the center of the screw head out. For Phillips type of screw head the drill bit only needs to cover the star shape in the middle.

* Carefully and slowly start drilling the center, you don't need to go very deep - this step should not take very long. The screw head will typically start spinning once it is separated from the rest of the screw.

At this point the part you were trying to remove by taking out the screw should come out.

* Remove any part that the screw was holding in place.

* Unscrew the stump of the old screw that is now visible - use Vise-Grips to completely remove the old stump.

You will need to find a screw to replace the old stripped screw. If you have more than one of the same types of screws take one to the local hardware or car parts store and match it to get the right kind of replacement screw.

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