How to remove a dent from a car door

dented car door 150x150 How to remove a dent from a car door

Dented Car Door

Sometimes it happens. You ding your car door or somebody has put a dent or a scratch on your car that you discover when returning to your car from the local coffee shop. It's always frustrating to see a dent on your car, especially if it is the first dent. However, on a positive note, you can remove the dent (or fix a scratch) by yourself fairly easily and often without having to repaint the surface.

Before you start, grab a hairdryer, a cloth rag and can of liquid carbon dioxide - this is the can of carbon dioxide you buy to clean your keyboard etc.
There are only a couple of steps to pop the dent out.

1. Look at the dent and find where the dent ends.
2. Heat the whole dent area with a hairdryer for about 30 seconds or more, keeping the hairdryer close to the metal surface of the door - a couple of inches
3. Immediately after heating the dent - take the liquid carbon dioxide can, turn it upside down and spray the same dented area
Spray the deepest section/s of the dent first
4. Wait - The dent should pop out by itself after some time (several seconds). You should hear a pop.
5. After the ice disappears from the area clean/wipe with cloth rag
6. Done

If you do not hear a pop and the dent doesn't pop out clean the liquid carbon dioxide off the dent with a rag and try again - heat with hairdryer and apply liquid carbon dioxide

Instead of a hairdryer you could use a smaller heat gun to heat the dented area.

This method may not work for all kinds of dents. There are a few other options such as dry ice or more expensive and involved dent removal by electromagnet or paintless dent removal. Or for course you would take the car into a repair shop to have the dent removed.

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