How to release a stuck car emergency brake

car emergency hand brake 150x150 How to release a stuck car emergency brake

Car Emergency Hand Brake

If your emergency brake is stuck it obviously needs to be released. The emergency brake is a mechanical brake and getting the brake to release depends on what is causing the problem.

Here are a few suggestions

* Sometimes simply applying and releasing the break several times may release the brake - if possible.

* Check the cables - The parking brake is essentially a lever attached to a cable.  If the parking brake cables are rusted and old - you might try lubricating the cable with something like WD-40.  Eventually the best thing to do is just to replace the cables.

* Look for a mechanism that connects to the brake and try manually releasing the brake.  This mechanism might be hung up due to road grime or corrosion.  Again, you might try lubricating the mechanism with WD-40 or lightly tapping on it to see if frees up.

* Locate a repair manual for your vehicle type and model and follow instructions on how to release the brake.

Note. Be careful when attempting to release a foot activated parking brake that is stuck on the down position, when it releases it does it so with force and a loud pop. Keep yourself away from the upward moving brake when it releases.

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