How to loosen a tight or stuck bolt or nut

How to loosen a rusty stuck bolt 150x150 How to loosen a tight or stuck bolt or nut

How to loosen a rusty stuck bolt

Loosening a tight bolt or a lug nut is sometimes easier said than done. You try with all the force you have and the bolt is not budging.  Here are a few tips that should get even the most stubborn bolts loosened up.

* Soak the bolt or lug nut with a lubricant like WD-40 or Liquid Wrench.  Let the newly soaked bolt or nut sit for about 10 minutes before you try to loosen it again.

If that doesn't work try this:

You'll want to create a longer extension to your wrench handle.  If you have a short section of steel pipe that is about 1 inch in diameter, that might work.  Or, you might use the top part of the handle off your car's jack. One end of the handle is hollow, slide that over the handle of the ratchet wrench. You may need to take out one bolt to remove the section of the jack's handle. Sliding the jack's handle over the wrench has now given you extra leverage, which helps. Start pulling on the stuck bolt increasing applied force on the bolt slow and steady to avoid breaking it.  Definitely be careful when you are using a self made extension to your wrench handle.  Too much force could break the bolt or nut, or break the wrench or even break the pipe or jack handle you are using as the extension.

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