How to fix turn signals that are not working

car taillight turn signal brake light 150x150 How to fix turn signals that are not working

Car Turn Signal, Tail light, brake light

If you turn signals or flashers are not working or are working randomly - either staying on or blinking really fast, the good news it, you know immediately that they are not working correctly. After that quick determination that either the light bulb is dead or the signal relay needs to be replaced. You may also need to check the fuse and replace it if needed.

If the turn signal doesn't come on at all and you determine that the light bulb is dead, all that is needed is to replace the light bulb with a new one.  If the bulb looks good, it might be the fuse.  Locate your fuse box which will typically be under or near the driver's side dashboard or it might be under the hood of the car.  Locate the correct fuse by referring to the fuse guide.  If the fuse appears to be burned out, replace it and see if the turn signals now work.

If the turn signal doesn't come on or does so erratically you may need to replace the relay which is easy to do.

* Find the relay cluster in your car typically below the steering column, check owners manual as needed
* Find the turn signal relay - found in the owners manual or in a service manual
* Take out the old turn signal flasher relay
* Put in the new turn signal flasher relay - it only fits in one way
* You are done!
* Check to see that the signal now works

Note. There often are separate flashers for turn signals and to hazard lights. Make sure to replace the correct flasher and it may be a good idea to check that the hazard lights are working too.

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